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Andre D. Harrison - Lead Pastor

Andre's journey of faith started May 24th 1997 at the end of his jr. year in high school when a school mate by the name of Matthew Reeves invited him to a youth retreat to play with the youth group in a basketball tournament.  They lost the tournament but Andre left the retreat with something far greater than a trophy, he left with Salvation.  Since then Andre has been serving God and God's people.

Andre has served in the capacity of full-time assistant pastor for 10 years before planting Family Life Christian Church.   His experience in ministry combined with his schooling and mentoring by seasoned pastors has prepared him to fulfill the call that God placed on his life, to pastor God's people and to preach the Gospel of Jesus to all.

Andre's life has been met with ups and downs.  Each test that Andre faced has prepared him for ministry.  His heart is about fulfilling the great commission, strengthening families and communities.  Andre doesn't pretend to be perfect and will admit to his past shortcomings which makes him a very down to earth pastor who can relate to the struggles that people go through while encouraging holy living before God.  

Andre is a proud father of three beautiful sons whom he makes a priority in his life.  For more information on Andre visit his website at

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